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OK, today I want you to listen to what I say NOT follow my example.

The following are 3 **KEY** components to a training cycle (heck, to your day-to-day life!) that should always be considered…yet are some of the first things that get cut when I become time poor (which I inevitably do):

SLEEP // I talk about this one all the time. Sleep is perhaps the single-most important part of your training. Period. There’s no point doing any form of training if you don’t give your body rest periods to beneficially adapt. And the most effective rest period? You guessed it - sleep.

DRILLS // I’m not talking about Bob The Builder DIY stuff, I’m talking about form specific running drills. I schedule these into all my training programs, usually to complete at the end of certain runs, yet I skip them regularly as time gets away from me. And no matter how often I tell myself I’d be better off cutting my run 10 minutes short to get the drills in…I don’t. (But I should).

NUTRITION // This is a component I am getting MUCH better at, yet there are still improvements to be made in making my nutrition part of a routine. A little like sleep, you are wasting training if you don’t back it up by putting the right things in your body. That doesn’t mean throwing back protein shakes and every vitamin going around (leave that to Cronulla and the Bombers) – it just means ensuring that you eat at the right times to complement your training, and that what you eat is as wholesome as possible.


And yes, before you ask, choc-peanut butter thickshakes are definitely wholesome (just don’t tell my Naturopath).

See you out there – Juddy




OK, so I’m tying today’s Hump Day Helper into the “My Gear” theme for the week.

The nutrition product I use – Tailwind Nutrition – has been announced as the supplier for the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run in the US. This race is regarded as one of the toughest around…it looks epic!

Onto Tailwind:

Tailwind is sold as a complete nutrition product, containing all the necessary fuel, hydration and electrolytes one may need on a long trail run. And from my experience I can’t disagree – it’s been terrific. It comes as a powder that dissolves instantly in water, and can be carried in either a bottle or hydration pack (and doesn’t separate). It comes in several flavours – check the Tailwind link at the top of this post.

I plan on using Tailwind almost exclusively as my nutrition for the North Face 100. I say almost, not because I think it’s lacking in anything, but because I may want to chew on something solid during the many hours I’m out on trail (so I may chomp on some jelly beans, a banana or choc-coffee beans for that reason).

The longest I have run with it to date is 4 hours, but I experienced no stomach upsets and I felt hydrated and energised throughout…good signs.

See you out there – Juddy


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Strawberry-Ripe Smoothie

OK, so I know I said I wasn't going to keep doing smoothie recipes, but, in my defence, we have a new Vitamix at home and we are making the most of it! This is a new creation, and we've had it the last two days in a row...and it will probably make the menu again today! I present: the Strawberry-Ripe Smoothie!


3-4 ice cubes
1-1.5 cups frozen strawberries (we buy fresh strawberries in bulk when they are on sale and store them in the freezer)
1/4 cup dried cranberries (this is approximate only - I haven't measured the amount, I just tip them in)
1/3 cup dates (ditto RE quantity)
1/3 cup coconut (dried or fresh, ditto RE quantity)
1 tbsp raw cacao powder (not cocoa, CACAO)
2 cups raw milk (or non-dairy alternative)

Throw all the ingredients in your blender. Mix it - mix it real good (Salt 'n Pepa reference anyone?). Serve and drink immediately.

For whatever reason, I find the above combination tastes a lot like a cherry ripe, with a hint of strawberry flavour. Let me know what you think!

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